Demo of Civil CADD Courses
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Demo of Civil CADD Courses

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Language: English

Instructors: Anjaneya Puli


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Course Curriculum

AutoCAD 2D - Demo Videos & PDFs
Understanding the plan & Drawing walls (13:00)
Doors & Windows (21:00)
Staircase Plan (6:00)
Downloading Interior Blocks from Google (4:00)
Elevation (Front View) (16:00)
Section of a G+2 Building (28:00)
PDF- Ground Floor Plan - Wall Drawing (1 pages)
PDF-Interior Blocks (1 pages)
PDF-Elevation (Front View) (1 pages)
PDF-Section of G+2 Building (1 pages)
3Ds MAX - Demo Videos & PDFs
Understanding Default User Interface of 3Ds Max (6:00)
Customizing the workspace of 3Ds Max (7:00)
Move-Rotate-Scale-Clone (12:00)
Create a Sample Sofa using Standard & Extended Primitives (7:00)
PDF-Assignment on Sample Sofa using Standard & Extended Primitives (1 pages)
Revit - Demo Videos
History of Revit Software (3:00)
Understanding Default User Interface of Revit 2021 (8:00)
Creating a Basic Wall in Revit 2021 (6:00)
Creating a wall with 150-230-300mm thickness (3:00)
Understanding Components in Revit (5:00)
Ceiling Lights in Revit Architecture (12:00)
Staad Pro - Demo Videos
Introduction To Structural Engineering (10:00)
Understanding the User Interface, New-Open-Save-SaveAs-Close-Exit the STAAD.Pro file. (8:00)
Analysis of a Simply Supported Beam-01 (9:00)
Analysis of a Simply Supported Beam-05 (6:00)
Etabs - Demo Videos
What is ETABS – History – Uses – Advantages - System requirements for ETABS ? (4:00)
Customizing User Interface of ETABS (5:00)
Analysis of a Simply Supported Beam-03 in etabs (7:00)
Applying Dead load and Live load on slabs (5:00)
MS Project - Demo Videos
Customizing the User Interface of MS Project (7:00)
How to Link, Unlink, Split,Inactive & Add notes the selected Tasks? (5:00)
Updating the Project. Enter Actual % Complete. Find BCWS-BCWP-ACWP-SV-CV? (8:00)
Primavera P6 - Demo Videos
History & Advantages of Primavera P6 (3:00)
Understanding the User Interface of Primavera P6 (7:00)
Scheduling a Project,Critical Path, Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish, Total Float, Project Duration. (9:00)
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