Revit Architecture Mastery Course
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Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture Mastery Course

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Why this course?


About this course
The application uses of Revit Architecture Software
This course is designed for easy learning of Revit Architecture Software for Civil / Architecture / Interior Design Students/Professionals who are interested in Building Drawing and Design.

What you’ll learn in this course?

Concepts of Building Drawing & Design, Revit Architecture Software, and its application, How to use Revit Architecture Software for the Building Drawing and Design, Creating and Defining Building projects, Creating Walls, Doors, and Windows, Applying material properties, Creating stairs, railings. Site Components, Camera View & Rendering, Creating reports, etc,.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Basic Knowledge of Building Drawing and Design.

Who this course is for:

Civil / Architecture / Interior Design Student /Professional, Architectural consultants, and Civil Draftsman.

Course Outline of Revit Architecture

Lesson 1: Introduction to Revit Architecture concepts: Revit Interfaces, Key Features: Parametric Design Concepts, Interconnected Relationships between views into Building Information Model.
Lesson 2: Introduction to Revit view controls: Setting view properties and using Visibility/Graphics overrides. Exploring 3D view navigation controls. Introduction to view creation.
Lesson 3: Using dimensions and constraints: Methods for selecting and manipulating content. Introduction to editing tools.
Lesson 4: Exploring the concept of Categories, Families, Types, and Instances: Accessing family libraries and loading families into a project. Introduction to sketching and sketched features.
Lesson 4: Curtain Walls: Creating typical Curtain Walls and working with curtain grids and layouts.
Lesson 5: Creating and working with levels: Creating 3D perspectives with Camera Views. Introduction to sheet creation and drawing views.
Lesson 6: Sections: Introduction to Sections and methods for creating building sections, wall sections, and detail sections. Using callout views.
Lesson 7: Introduction to Compound structure and creating custom wall types: Methods for working with vertically compound walls.
Lesson 8:Editing & Modifying Elements: Moving, Copying, Rotating, Mirroring, Arrays, Aligning, Splitting, Trimming & Extending, Offsetting.
Lesson 9: Creating and modifying footprint roofs: Joining roofs and attaching walls to roofs. Extruding roofs and creating dormer roofs.
Lesson 10: Creating and working with floors: Editing floor edges. Creating foundation walls and structural foundations.
Lesson 11: Creating railings: Customizing railing. Controlling posts and balusters.
Lesson 12: Creating stairs by sketching runs: Creating stairs by sketching boundaries and risers. modifying stair properties.
Lesson 13: Schedule Views: Creating and working with Schedule Views and properties.
Lesson 14: Legend Views, Tags, and Keynotes: Creating and working with Legend Views, Tags, and Keynotes.
Lesson 15: Introduction to Detailing Components: Working with insulation, detail lines and custom components.
Lesson 16: Site Components: Introduction to Site components and adding topographical surface. Printing and publishing a Revit project.
Lesson 17: Introduction to Revit Sketch-Based Modeling concepts: Creating Extrusions, Revolves, Sweeps, Blends, and Swept Blends
Lesson 18: Introduction to Massing Studies and Conceptual Design: Working with conceptual design tools and form-making methods.
Lesson 19: Materials & Lights: Applying Materials to the elements, Editing and Placing Ceiling Lights, and Internal & External lights.
Lesson 20: Camera View & Rendering:
Creating Camera View and Default Revit Rendering, Improve Interior Revit Rendering

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